How To Prepare For Law School

Congratulations. You’ve been accepted to law school and have laid the groundwork for a brilliant career.  More studying than partying resulted in a solid GPA on your undergraduate degree.  No doubt you spent countless hours studying for the LSATS and were nervous until the proctor called ’pencils down’. Clearly your scores were strong enough to warrant an acceptance letter from the school where you’ll soon enroll.  Some will suggest, rather cautiously, that the real academic challenges are just beginning. That may indeed be the case. Law school is more rigorous than the requirements for getting a bachelor’s degree. What you were able to acquire during your undergraduate years was a demonstrated work ethic.  Regardless of the rigor of law school, it you have developed the study habits and self- motivation to succeed, you’ve already won half the battle.

When you entered college, you may or may not have known what your course of study would be. One of the many benefits of the US college system is that is affords students to explore so many disciplines that heretofore were unfamiliar or unknown. The same concept bodes for law school.  The law school curriculum is designed to offer a glimpse into so many different areas of law.  From corporate to environmental, personal injury to real estate to constitutional, the list goes on.  Keep an open mind as you schedule courses and expose yourself to as much as possible. You might find a passion about an area of concentration that you’ve yet to consider. It’s called keeping your options open!

When looking for housing for law school, it’s strongly recommended to stay in an area far removed from the undergraduate population. You know all too well the amount of partying, noise and late night escapades that occur on and close to campus with undergraduates.  Find a quiet apartment with a quiet roommate.  Get your room organized, your books ordered and pantry full.  Get in the mindset that you’re really hunkering down for the next three years. You’ve already proven that hard work pays huge dividends. Go get ‘em!

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